Hotel Revenue Data Science Course

Hotel Revenue Data Science

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I teach you the exact techniques that I use everyday as a Hotel Mathematical Pricing and Revenue Optimization consultant.

Hi I am Robert Hernandez. I am a Hotel Revenue Science and Guest Analytics consultant for 4 and 5 star properties.  I want to teach you everything I know and help you avoid all of the mistakes that I have made. It took me 15 years of learning Revenue Modeling the hard way and 10 years doing analysis for every department in the hotel business to become a Hotel Revenue Discovery expert. In this course I have condensed everything you need to know into 16 hours of easy training. I teach you the skills that you will use every day and don’t waste your time with stuff that is never used.

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Take a few minutes to listen to a General Manager, CHA, CHRM, CRME
speak about the benefits of this course.

Become a Rooms Open Pricing Expert!
Master Hotel Pricing Science.

Empower yourself with the practical skills you need to become an Rooms Pricing Master.
You will learn how to build pricing models with the greatest revenue potential.
If you have an RMS, this training allows you to challenge its pricing assumptions.
If you don’t have an RMS, you will be able to build pricing models that
surpass the sophistication of any pricing model on the market today.
You will learn to challenge biases and assumptions using data-driven arguments.
Be the smartest person in the room when discussing Revenue Optimization.

“Wow, what a great course! I have just completed it and I wish I had done it many years ago! It would have helped me so much during my career as a DORM. Many systems (PMS or RMS), especially ones that are commonly used by independent hotels offer limited types of reporting to be used for demand analysis. These system often don’t take into consideration the uniqueness of each business either. This course certainly provides a great tool to learn about data analytics, from how to retrieve the data through the entire process to be able to analyze production, make pricing decisions and create forecast.”

Rozsa Dimando, Founder of Integrated Revenue Management & Analytics Hospitality Solutions, LLC.

arrow-blue-7Master the Math of Pricing Strategy.

Course registration includes all modules. Personalized instructor support, Certificate of completion. 100% Money-back guaranteed.

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HIGH DEMAND skills that this Learning Program teaches


Advanced Hotel
Revenue Analytics

Data Mining/
SQL Programming




Most RM courses teach the WHAT. This course teaches the HOW.

Downloadable Excel Templates | No Time Limit | No Exams | Certificate of Completion
You get Lifetime access to the online course. Allowing you to come back to review the material at any time.  

No programming or mathematics background required.

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General Managers | Revenue Managers | Asset Managers | Owners | RM Professors
Finance and Accounting Heads | Analysts | Group Sales Managers | RM Consultants

arrow-blue-7Master Data Analytics of Dynamic Pricing.

Course registration includes all modules. Personalized instructor support, Certificate of completion. 100% Money-back guaranteed.

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Regardless of your title, this course will take your RM skills to the next level.


Inns and Suites

“The course brings a higher dimension of analysis to the hotel revenue management landscape.The presentations by Robert Hernandez  are expertly done, presenting difficult mathematical concepts in the hotelier’s language. You will see at the end of the certification a quantum leap in your revenue management skill set.”

Ivan R. Drechsler, Owner of Tubac Country Inn, Hotel Consultant, Former IHG Portfolio Revenue Manager


Big Brand

“Thank you very kindly for sharing and teaching such amazing concepts. I am absolutely excited that you have made something available for the profession relating to math that makes more sense. I appreciate the opportunity you have created for those of us aspiring to be more strategic and mathematical Revenue Managers.”

M. Los Banos, Regional Resort Inventory and Revenue Coordinator, Marriott Vacations, Hawaii


Resort, Spa, Casino, Golf

“Having been through a number of RM courses, including one from Cornell, yours really explains and shows the calculations behind the RM system being used.  Your concept of looking at the individual transactions opened a whole new world for me, especially how this relates to pricing.”

Ronald Hopman, Director of Revenue Management, Aruba Resort, Spa & Casino


City Hotels

“Thank you for coming up with powerful revenue management course kit. Though I have finished the Cornell Advanced RM certification I felt your course is something I should have learned earlier.”

Abhijeet P.k Reservations Manager at Flora Group Hotels Dubai

No-nonsense, Immediate-Impact Training

Taught by a real, property-level Hotel Revenue Optimization Expert, 
not a university professor or corporate trainer. 

Unlike university-based courses, the focus of this certificate  
is on the application instead of the theory of optimization. 

In this unique course you will learn by watching the instructor actually  
perform every operation step-by-step using PMS data for every topic. 

When was the last time your mind was transformed by an RM course?

These Skills Will Make You An Elite Hotel Pricing Talent

Part 1: You Will Understand Any Hotel’s Demand Patterns using Probability and Statistics

You will Learn:

  • What PMS data should I be analyzing.
  • How do I predict occupancy for any day.
  • What are the chances that the hotel will sell out.
  • What days of the year should I analyze together.
  • What is the value of a smart rate decision.
  • What pickup is likely to happen most of the time.

Knowledge that will make you an Elite Hospitality Talent All concepts explored using our PMS data set – Counting Random Events – Frequency Tables – Frequency Distribution – Cumulative Distribution  – Inverse Distribution Function  – Expected Value  – The Normal Distribution- Standard Deviation  – Outliers 

Lesson #18: Probability of Achieving a Certain Occupancy by Guest Type

This lesson covers the probability expectations for selling a certain number of rooms to each market. This is one of the last topics in Part 1. Leading up to this lesson you would have learned to calculate and understand the Probabilities, Standard Deviation, and the Normal Distribution. This topic covers just one of the concepts required to build all the Revenue Optimization Models in Part 2.

Most advanced RM courses teach you theory and then it is up to you to struggle with how to apply it at work. As you will see, we avoid “theoretical exercises” and instead teach all the concepts using real PMS data.

Part 2: You Will Know How to Decide on the Best Room Prices using Math.

You will Learn:

  • How do I measure the strength of demand.
  • How do I decide on how many group bookings to accept.
  • How do I know which leisure bookings to deny.
  • How do I measure how people will react to your rates.
  • When should I raise or lower rates.
  • How do I change rates when inventory changes and by how much.
  • How do I predict Revenue, ADR, and RevPAR.
  • What are the two pricing techniques that the best 1% of hotels use.
  • When should I use discounts and promotions.
  • How do I price peak dates.
  • What is the best rate for each room type.
  • How much inventory should I sell in each channel.

Knowledge that will make you an Elite Hospitality Talent All concepts explored using our PMS data set- Types of Models  – Modeling Best Practices – Cumulative Demand – Estimating Line Functions – Demand Functions –  Elasticity – Revenue Functions – Price Functions – Dynamic Pricing Revenue Optimization – Littlewood’s Rule – EMSR – Capacity Control Revenue Optimization  – Dynamic Programming

Lesson #24: The two main Mathematical Pricing algorithms

This lesson is a top-level overview of the two Revenue Management algorithms which are covered in Part 2. Capacity Control is used for forecasting by most RMS systems while Dynamic Pricing is slowly being introduced by hotel companies using customized models. These two models are the foundation of mathematical RM for any industry and every hotel RM needs to master these two approaches to optimization.

University-based, advanced RM courses cover the theory and formulas behind Capacity Control and Dynamic Pricing but they do not show you how to use PMS data to apply them. In Part 2, both algorithms are built from scratch using real transactions.

Part 3: You Will Be Able To Extract Real-Time Data from Any System.

You will Learn:

  • How do I get any data I want from any system.
  • Where do I get data for rate analysis.
  • How do I bring the data together.
  • How do I measure how people will react to your rates.
  • How do I filter the data so that I can understand it.
  • How can I create any report.
  • How can I automate any report.

Knowledge that will make you an Elite Hospitality Talent All concepts explored using our PMS data set – PMS Databases – Schemas –  Opera Tables – RoomMaster Tables – Relational Databases –  Facts, Dimensions, Granularity – ODBC – SQL Language –  Joins – Group by – SQL Functions – Real-Time Reports

Lesson #80: Summarize raw PMS data using SQL

For junior analysts to Data Scientists, Excel and SQL is still, by far, the most popular platform for intelligence discovery and dissemination. This course will teach you how to master the process of manipulating tables of raw PMS data to extract insights that lead to great decisions. In the era of Big Data awareness, this is now the demanded skill set in every type of organization, both large and small in every industry.

Part 4:  You Will Build an Automated Rate Decision Model in Excel.

You will Learn:

  • How can I answer any PMS data question.
  • How do I clean PMS data in Excel.
  • How do I summarize the data.
  • How do I build the tables I need to analyze pricing.
  • What formulas help me “dig” into the data.
  • How do I create “Power” formulas for my rate model.
  • What are the Tricks that Excel experts know.
  • How do I create reports that no one else can.

Knowledge that will make you an Elite Hospitality Talent All concepts explored using our PMS data set- Excel Tables – Excel Table Tools – Date Formulas – Text Formulas – Nested Functions – IF Function – Lookup Functions – Criteria Functions – Array Functions – OLAP – Pivot Table – Pivot Chart – The Excel Solver 

Lesson #56: Optimal Price by Room Type Model

This is a portion of one of the lessons covering the calculation of the optimal price for each room type.  Sticking to a static markup for superior room types is one of the most inefficient and costly practices in the hotel business.  In this course you will build an automated pricing model that separates transaction level demand data for different room types and will suggest the mathematically optimal price for each.  This model is applicable whether you have 2 room types or 20.

arrow-blue-7Join the Elite. Learn the Math of Precise Pricing.

Course registration includes all modules. Personalized instructor support, Certificate of completion. 100% Money-back guaranteed.

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Why Spend Your Training Dollars on This Course?

This course focuses on the application of smart Pricing techniques to real PMS data. Our approach is not offered anywhere else. The entire RM analytic process is covered hands-on and step-by-step, from data gathering to RM decision model creation.  Instead of getting bogged down with mathematical symbols or theoretical approaches, this course reveals, in plain English, the data driven techniques that have been proven to deliver higher profit.  This is an intense, boot-camp style workshop that will supply you with enough advanced Excel knowledge, mathematical RM techniques, and critical thinking skills to fuel your job effectiveness for years.

How Does This Course Compare to Other RM Courses?

The Hotel Revenue Management profession has matured.  Rate distribution tactics alone are no longer adding the value to the bottom line that they once did.  The hotel industry now expects more intelligent analysis, unique strategies, and confident guidance from those managers responsible for rate setting. Welcome to Analytic Revenue Management!

This  course is designed for hotel Revenue Managers, Sales, Marketing, Finance and General Management professionals who want to truly understand the Science of Rate Setting in order to analyze challenges, improve forecasts, and craft profitable strategies.

Unlike any other RM course, this workshop focuses exclusively on the data and analytical aspects of RM. Complex concepts are explained in an easy-to understand, incredibly digestible format using a combination of manual, visual, mathematical, and algorithmic methods.

The course delivers actionable tools and techniques that can be applied immediately to craft innovative strategies, increase revenue, and boost profits at any property. While we cover very advanced topics, they are taught in a simple, yet dynamic, journey through a proprietary case-study that is developed from real PMS data. You learn how to transform that data into profitable decisions.

Designed and taught by a hotel analytics & hotel data science expert, this course is specifically designed to deliver the practical knowledge that will launch you into the next level of your professional career.

Why You Need This Course?

  • Learn to extract PMS data, understand it, process it, visualize it, and extract insights from it.
  • Learn how to create Real-time reports from any hotel system.
  • Build your own proprietary Revenue Management Decision Model
  • Understand statistical concepts in plain English and learn how to use them at work.
  • Learn how to apply Excel’s statistical tools to any data set.
  • Acquire strategies for increasing revenue by using mathematical techniques.
  • Understand the algorithms behind the most popular RMS systems.

Most RM courses focus an a specific software or platform, thereby limiting your ability to transfer your knowledge to other systems.
Not this one.


arrow-blue-7Be in HIGH DEMAND. Leap to the Top 1% of global hotel talent.

Course registration includes all modules. Personalized instructor support, Certificate of completion. 100% Money-back guaranteed.

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